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Admission Policy for Theology Program

Degree holders from the Myanmar Institute of Theology and accredited seminaries and accredited universities are eligible to apply for the Master of Arts in Christian Studies, Master of Theological Librarianship, Master of Divinity, Master of Theology, and Master of Ministry degree programs. B.Th. and M.Div. graduates must have at least one year of Christian Service before they join their M.Div. and M.Th. programs. Candidates who want to join MTL, M.Div, MACS and M.Th. classes must pass the Entrance Examination (English, Biblical Knowledge, Psycho-Test). The M.Th candidates must also pass the examination in the chosen field of study. M.Div degree holders with at least three years consecutive service in the churches or in the ministry are eligible to apply for D.Min program.

No student whose class contact hours/attendance is below 70% of class periods for each subject shall be eligible either to sit for exam or to earn credits from papers. Note: In calculating the credits, the sick leave and other leave of absence may take up only the 30% of the class attendance.
If for good reason a student desires a leave of absence, such leave may be granted by the President. Leave must be requested in written form and be taken only when it is granted. In no case shall a leave be authorized for more than one year.
Any student because of illness or other circumstances may withdraw from the program after submitting a written request to the President. If a student withdraws from the seminary and subsequently desires to reenroll, he or she must submit a new application for admission.
Granted admission to any degree program can be deferred up to one year from the time the student is admitted. If a student, after being expelled from the seminary for certain reason, wants to reapply for admission, he or she may do so only after two years of suspension.
Grading of Courses
I.Course Credit:Credit is given for each course that has been satisfactorily completed.

II.Grading System:

Grade Definition

A 4 quality points Outstanding

B 3 quality points Strong Competent

C 2 quality points Adequate

F 0 quality points Inadequate, Failing

W = Withdraw

A - = 3.7 C + = 2.3

B + = 3.3 C = 2

B = 3 C- = 1.7

B - = 2.7 F = Fail

Note: Grades may be given and are recorded on the student transcript.

1.Scholastic Status:
No student may graduate with Grade Point Average (GPA) less than 2.5.
2.Credit Hours:
96 Credit Hours is required for M. Div.

64 Credit Hours for MTL.

60 Credit Hours for MACS

(64 Credit for BRE Graduates)

27 Credit Hours for M. Th. Programs

3.Course Load:
The maximum course load for any semester is 16 Credit Hours.
Incomplete Courses
1.If the requirements for a course are incomplete at the close of term time and no extension beyond term has been approved concerning the incomplete work, final evaluation will be made on the basis of requirements actually fulfilled.

2.If the requirements for a course are incomplete at the close of term time and an extension beyond term time has been approved concerning the incomplete work, no final evaluation will be made until the expiration of the extension. In such a situation, if the postponed requirements are presented before the extension expires, they will be graded without penalty.

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