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Myanmar Institute of Theology, a leading seminary in Myanmar, has been offering quality theological education since its establishment in 1927. In response to the dire need of higher quality education in the country, MIT started a liberal arts program called Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies in 2000. The objective of MIT is to equip its students with higher education – theology as well as secular – so that they will be able to actively and effectively participate in the ministry and serve their society. Measures are being taken to ensure that this objective is achieved and maintained. At present, we are offering the following programs,

  • Diploma in Community Development Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
  • Master of Arts in Community Development Studies
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Arts in Christian Studies
  • Master of Theological Librarianship
  • Master of Ministry
  • Doctor of Ministry

Mission Statement

Established in 1927 primarily to serve the Baptist churches in their leadership promotion, the Myanmar Institute of Theology, with its foundational basis in God’s word and standing in its Baptist faith tradition, is fully committed to serve all the Christian churches to equip men and women from all streams of life for serving God in the churches and in the world. To achieve its mission,the Institute strives to offer the students the following:

  1. A solid foundation in learning the word of God in its historical and theological contexts;
  2. A practical training for ministry in the churches and in the world; and
  3. The spiritual formation of the students to sustain them throughout their ministries.


The purpose of the Myanmar Institute of Theology is to equip men and women for the Christian ministry and service in the world. The Institute strives to provide a context in which students acquire a theological education which is biblical, theological and practical.

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